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bi-lingual and dual language resources to help teachers, communities and parents support and develop children who donít speak English as their first language.

Each book's  RRP (recommended retail price)  is £20.00 and with the exception of Pip we want to give everyone a discount consequently we have lowered the price to £15.00 for people using this site

PIP Books ** ERA 2011 Award Winner - Best Educational Book **

Pip tells the story of relocation through the emotional journey of a newly arrived visitor.


Dual language books promote greater understanding of English language and can help the newly arrived child to develop their English language skills more quickly.Click to view series.


GCSE - Exam Success Books

Every child that sits their GCSE has the same battle, understanding the questions. This is even more difficult if their first language is not English; research has shown that it takes twice as long to answer questions due to the translation and deciphering of terminology. This book supports non English speaking examinees with a simple to understand booklet showing and explaining the term then giving actual exam questions to develop understanding and clarify the response. Click to view series.


Maths Books

Bi-lingual and Dual Language maths books that support children to learn the concepts in English by developing understanding in both languages. Ideally suited for pupils aged between 7 and 13 it offers a unique opportunity to support learning in the pupilís home language. 18 languages are currently available can also be used as posters, learning resources and language tools. Click to view series.


Resource Books

A book that gives children the first stepping stones of language used in education, from numbers and colours to exciting games. Each book is bright and clear, English is always in blue and the childís home language is in green, this make language identification easier. An ideal tool to send home for parents. Click to view series.


Celebration Books

Sending a card home in a childís home language also helps promote community cohesion as well as raising the presence of the school in the parentís perceptions. Containing cards in 45 languages it can be used again and again. Click to view series.


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